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Rent Hand Hygiene & Washing Stations

VIP Restrooms provides the best hand hygienic rentals for events, job-site, at home use and many other occasions. We are dedicated to providing hand washing stations to keep your hands clean. That is why our team of portable sanitation experts have mobilized portable sinks & mobile hand washing stations for sanitation purposes.

It is important to wash your hands for may reason on the job or event. If you are in need of better hand hygiene for your work environment, home, office, construction job or any other situations. Consider renting a hand washing unit from VIP.

  • Foot activated faucets – Prevent touching any surface while washing hands.
  • Deep sink construction – Allows for washing of complete forearms & elbows.
  • Antibacterial pink soap – Included with every handwashing station rental.
  • Paper towels – Also included with every unit rental.
  • Each Unit Cost $45 – $75 Per Day – We can work with your budget.
  • Comes with complete water fill up.
  • Waste water removal & disposal.
  • 30 day rental minimum + tax
  • All other fees associated

We are on standby and ready to help you get your hand hygiene under control. VIP Restrooms cares about the cleanliness & well being of the community. Our team is ready to work with your budget and situation to get you the equipment needed. Washing your hands regularly is the best way to stay sanitary and clean. Consider reaching out to us today, to secure a hand-washing station rental! Get a free portable hand washing station quote today!

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