How Much Does it Cost to Lease A Porta Potty in 2020?

Cost Prices for Portable Toilets

Leasing local Porta Johns is easy to do. Are you wondering what is the cost to rent a port-a-potty near you in 2020? What are porta potty rates in your area? This guide is intended to give you insight into that process. Renting a portable toilet for a day? OR Weekend?

What is the Cost to Hire a Porta Potty Near Me?

If you are considering renting a porta john or restroom trailer for a construction site or a big special event you may be wondering how much it’s going to cost to rent the toilets on the spot.  Fortunately, renting a porta potty is very affordable and can actually help save you money (as compared to the alternatives) when addressing the sanitation needs of your guests and your workers.

How do I get porta potty prices nearest me?

VIP Restrooms is determined to find you the best cost when renting a local porta potty or restroom trailer near you. For a single standard porta potty expect to pay within the range of $150.00 to $250.00 for a typical weekend use. This price increases for deluxe or luxury style porta potties which can cost anywhere between $175.00 to $450.00 per weekend.  For restroom trailers, the range of prices will fluctuate depending on the event and is very location specific. However expect to pay more than you would for a deluxe porta potty. The amenities and features that you choose with each porta potty (such as hand towels, hand sanitizer stations, solar lighting, etc) will also be a factor effecting the price.

What is the standard unit price?

VS deluxe & Wheelchair Accessible Restrooms?

Renting standard porta potties can vary depending on long vs short term usages, as well as amenities, upgrades, maintenance & delivery/location. Porta potty pricing providers should be carefully selected to provide the best experience, at low costs. Portable toilet leasing price quotes can range anywhere from

  • Standard unit rates $150.00 to $250.00 per weekend depending on region and delivery distance.
  • Wheelchair accessible restrooms $160.00 to $300.00.
  • Deluxe flushing $175.00 to $450.00.

Daily usages, contracted units for job-sites, and other prices may vary.

One thing to keep in mind when thinking about the price of porta johns is the length of the rental period.  Generally speaking the price per day will decrease significantly the longer that the unit is rented for.  In some cases the cost to rent a porta potty  for a month may end up being only slightly more expensive than the cost to rent the same unit for a single weekend.  This is because the bulk of the expense related to renting portable sanitation equipment is associated with the delivery, service, and eventual removal of the porta potties.  Whether you rent for a short or a long period of time the cost to deliver and remove the unit will essentially be the same.

The best porta potty rental prices

When selecting porta john rentals company, such as VIP Rentals, it’s important to ask about their service/cleaning plans.  In a typical case porta johns are cleaned on a weekly basis however if you need additional cleanings the price of the rental will increase.  Sometimes companies will offer a discount if you request additional cleanings upfront or if you rent multiple units instead. In the end it may be cheaper to rent additional port-o-potties to serve a large crowd rather than trying to obtain additional cleaning and maintenance services for a smaller number of units.

Port-a-Potty Rental Pricing

In addition to all of these factors there may be regional differences in prices due the such things as the availability of the equipment in the area and the immediate market demand for portable restrooms.  Local codes and regulations may also affect the price as this typically means that the restrooms have to meet specific higher standards for use within that area. For Example, ADA compliant restrooms are larger than standard units because they are made to be accessible for wheelchair users.  OSHA compliant restrooms have to be constructed to withstand the rigors of a construction site, so that they remain open for business during harsh outdoor conditions. In either case, ADA and OSHA compliant restrooms generally cost more than standard restroom units.

Get a Free Porta Can Price Before You Rent

With all of these factors impacting the final price of a porta potty rental you can see how every rental scenario will be different.  For the most accurate cost estimate for your next rental experience you should contact your local portable sanitation equipment dealer for a quote.  Most companies, like VIP Rentals, will discuss your special event or construction project in detail in order to provide you with a free and accurate rental quote.

How many Porta Potties do I need for my event?

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